The Oblivion Tear

The Time Has Come......
session 2

Our Heroes have finally reached the home of Glihom, to be greeted by Tanner and the druid, Glihom, who was silently tracking the party on their trek through The Wealdath Wood. After learning of Tanner's plan to build a new army to attempt one final assault on The Doom Clock, the party is tasked with one final test, an assault on a nearby bandit group holding out in an abandoned military check point. On the trip there, our little band of adventures encounter their first Oblivion Tear,with a pair of Maw Demons emerging in the middle of the night.

Testing The Waters........
Session 1

   The party has been slowly traversing The Wealdath Forest to find Glihom Balle. After startling a feeding grizzly our young band of adventurers learned that the wilds are more dangerous than they first expected, which was only reinforced that night when a giant constrictor nearly ate the warlock Sveck in his sleep.

   A few days of travel behind them, they encountered the hunter Arianna, who for a modest trade of 15 GP and a few pounds of the Constrictor's meat, agreed to lead them through the hidden trails of The Wealdath to Glihom's cabin, shaving a few precious days of the arduous trek.

   Nearing Glihom's cabin, the night before they would arrive, they were awoken to screams of women being abducted from another nearby camp of travelers on their way through the forest to Dakkan. After a very one sided battle through the darkened forest, the party was able to fight off many of the abductors. While unable to rescue the women, they were able to capture of the severely wounded men to take back to camp for questioning.

In The Beginning,
session 0

The party has been instructed by the village elder Oslo Balle, that the time has finally come, Tanner has requested that the party travels from Dakkan to the base of Mt. Thargill to deliver a message to Oslo's son Glihom to return to Dakkan. The time has come to take our world back from the clutches of The Abyss………

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