20 years ago, A war on the 9 planes of hell spilled over to the prime material. With this war came the Doom Clock, an abyssal artifact capable of tearing holes in the Prime Material and creating brief bridges between the 9 Hells and the Prime Material. A task force of the Primes greatest rulers, adventurers, and legends valiantly fought a 3 pronged war against the abyss,  but ultimately failed. While they were able to push back and even vanquish some of the abyssal generals armies, the doom clock was activated.  Slowly, the clock has begun flooding this world with the evils of the 9's. Many of the old heroes are dead, missing or turned traitor. Now, one of the few remaining heroes is attempting to build a new army to make one final push at forever ending the threat of the doom clock.

The Oblivion Tear